At Patron Legal we understand that employment is important for everyone.

We act for both employers and employees, so you can be confident that we are able to achieve a practical resolution to all your workplace matters. Workplace disputes need not result in costly litigation - often, our lawyers are able to negotiate settlement without the need to go to court. However, if litigation is necessary, we will help you navigate a path through all levels of the court and tribunal system.



For Employers


Seeking our advice can often be the difference between a quick resolution to your workplace issues, or your business being caught up in time consuming and expensive legal proceedings. Our commercial and practical focus means we understand that managing employees well is fundamental in ensuring profitability and maximising the capabilities of your business.


Our Sydney and Melbourne lawyers have experience in:

  • managing terminations;

  • redundancies;

  • advising on Fair Work Ombudsman investigations;

  • conducting workplace investigations;

  • drafting and advising on employment contracts;

  • engaging independent contractors;

  • negotiating enterprise agreements;

  • resolving disputes between employers and employees;

  • developing workplace policies;

  • bullying claims; and

  • workplace training.



For Employees


We know that your employment is more than just a job - it is essential for the stability of you and your family. If your employment is at risk, it is vital to receive the right advice to maximise your opportunity of reaching a positive outcome.


Our Sydney and Melbourne lawyers have experience in:

  • unfair dismissals;

  • general protection claims;

  • sexual harassment claims;

  • sham contracting claims;

  • recovering unpaid entitlements;

  • bullying.


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